Unfortunately I don't plan much any further updates/new features.

Mainly because of following reasons.

Google forces every new update to support new android version which means basically to rewrite almost whole app again as it's very old (I started with it when Android 1.6 was out) and to be honest code is quite messy as I was learning programming for android at that time.

Another problem with the app is the weather forecast service, I was using previously yahoo which was free and working fine. However they changed their pricing politics couple years ago, means it's not free anymore so I moved to https://openweathermap.org, which is free only for limited number of request and that is actually very easy too hit even if the amount of daily basis users is quite small number, I did some workarounds and optimisations that helped a little but in a price of loosing nice UX. Adding some AD to the app is not much an option for me, I don't like ADs in any app as they are quite intrusive and also it actually doesn't guarantee good income to cover this service.

So after all of this I decided to remove the app from play store with very little chance that will be back again in future. It needs a lot of time to rebuild it from scratch and still there is the main issue what weather service to use what is free and works globally.

So for now I'll keep it at least on my web so anyone who likes it can download the any new bugfixing version at least this way.

What is it?

It's just simple alarm application.

I made it because I hate to be woken up by any stupid sound. I prefer listening a music, news or stuff about weather few minutes before i have to get up. As far as I know, there is no standardized way how to use a radio receiver in phone by Android API, so it's only way to solve it, using the internet radio streams :).

This application isn't fully an alarm replacement, because it's neccessary to have a good internet connection. This application is trying to be replacement to your standard night clock alarm.

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  • Clock
  • Actual weather condition
  • Day/night mode incl. change of brightness
  • Radio stream Alarm
  • No Internet ringtone selection
  • Recurring for alarms
  • Sleep radio timer
  • Raising volume control
  • No mobile data configuration
  • ... a lot of configurable settings :)

Prerequisities & Recommendations

  • Android 2.0.1 phone or better
  • Stable internet WIFI connection
  • Docking "station" with recharging