Add radio by link in browser

  • Open webpage with streams in mobile browser
  • Select radio (i.g. Absolute Radio Classic Rock) and click on stream bitrate (32 Kbps or 128 Kbps) next WinAmp logo WinAmpLogo
  • You should see a menu how to open link, select Add to stream list item
  • Define label and click OK
  • Now you have radio in your list. You can use it like a source for sleep mode or alarm definition.

Add radio by stream link

  • Find somewhere link to your radio (not every radio has simple link to play it), for example
  • Select Chillout radio and copy link URL (32 Kbps or 128 Kbps) next WinAmp logo WinAmpLogo
  • Now you have link in clipboard
  • Open RadioAlarm app and goto preferences (the most left button on bottom bar)
  • Open My Radio List item
  • Click on Add new button
  • Now you are in Radio definition window
  • Define label (whatever you want)
    Into stream insert your URL (long click to input field and select INSERT) and you should see in input field
  • For radio player select AAC player for ACC streams. If you don't know which stream do you have, let selected Autodetect
  • To How long... input field write number value for how long is radio played in sleep mode, for example 30 to 30 minutes
  • Click OK button
  • Now you should see updated list of your radios, where is your new defined radio
  • You will see More window, select radio and click on Play button

Start radio in sleep mode

  • Define radio (see previous points, how can you do that)
  • Open main app and click on the right most button
  • Select you predefined radio item and click play
  • If stream link is OK, you should hear the radio (if not, check the volume :-) or WIFI is connected or internet is working).
    Radio will be playing for defined time.
  • You can stop radio by same way, click by Stop button or you can see the Alarm icon in Android notification bar (same for SMS or hours). Click to open same window on this icon

Define alarm

  • Open app
  • Click on the second left most icon
  • Now you can see list of defined alarms
  • Click on "Add new alarm" button
  • Define stream url (if you already did 1st or 2nd step you can select it, otherwise you need to write stream link)
  • If you have AAC stream, select AAC Player as default. To test stream, you can click on Play button
  • Define No internet ringtone which is used if there is any internet connection problem
  • Write whatever you want to label
  • Set recurring, time, volume changing type
  • If you want to set day mode by alarm, enable Auto day mode
  • If you want to limit time how long is alarm radio stream played, define it into How long to play alarm preference
  • Click on Add button
  • Now you can see updated list of your alarms
  • If your alarm is enabled, radio will start at your defined time (and day, if you select recurring for special days)

Remote API

  • I created simple API for communication with my app
  • If you want to remotely define alarm, check this android project what you can do.